Summerland Credit Union

Summerland Credit Union is 100% customer owned, which means each of our customers owns one share. Profits don’t go to external shareholders and as a customer we promise to treat you like you own the place, because as a customer of Summerland you do! We are governed by a Board of Australian Directors and our […]


Brookfarm is Australia’s leading producer of award-winning, premium macadamia muesli, granola, porridge, bircher, muesli bars, nut mixes and macadamia oils and is one of Northern Rivers’ great food business success stories! Brookfarm started when Pam and Martin Brook bought a rundown dairy farm in the Byron hinterland in 1989. Since then they have planted over 4,000 macadamia trees […]

Stone & Wood

Pacific Ale, Green Coast Lager and Cloud Catcher Pale Ale are just some of the well-known offerings from local Northern Rivers legends, Stone & Wood. Stone & Wood is proud to call the Northern Rivers home, with the region’s eclectic, passionate community inspiring the values and culture of their business. Participating in food and drink events […]